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CD "Legends and Visions"

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CD Audio, 2014, nur noch wenige Restexemplare!


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Nur noch wenige Restexemplare!


01 Legends and Visions 0:33
02 Starship Celtica 2:57
03 Alba’s Shore 3:20
04 Whiskey in the Jar 2:55
05 The Druid’s Prophecy 3:45
06 Celtic Dragon 4:30
07 Love U2! 5:31
08 Visitors I: Out There 0:50
09 Visitors II: Contact 3:30
10 Rolling with the Goblins 4:23
11 The Princess and the Piper 3:35
12 Excalibur 3:35
13 Beyond Avalon 3:40
14 The King`s Tournament 2:43
15 One More! 2:53
16 Don’t Stop Believin’ 4:02

Total time: 53:21


Stringdependent Records
Duncan Knight: Great Highland Bagpipe, Whistle, Vocals
Gajus Stappen: Guitars, Percussion, Vocals
Harald Weinkum: Bass, Keyboards, Percussion, Vocals
Krystal Porter: Vocals, Keyboards, Percussion, Fire Juggling
Matthias Katzmair: Drums

Guest Musicians:
Stewart Cook, Rachel Walker, Kev Gillies, Pamela and Perry Stephens: Vocals

Saidhbín Bhreatnach: Intro Text

Bagpipes recorded by Jack Weir at Orwell Terrace, Edinburgh/UK, Drums recorded at GOSH Audio Studios, Vienna/AUT, bass recorded at Glendale Studio, Phoenix/USA, guitars recorded at Solaris III, Vienna/AUT; vocals recorded at Southern Headquarters, Pensacola, FL/USA, Solaris III, Vienna/AUT; Additional Vocals recorded by Duncan Knight at Bucchleuch Terrace, Edinburgh/UK;

All tunes transcribed for bagpipes by Duncan Knight
All songs arranged by G. Stappen except “Love U2″ arranged by Harald Weinkum & G. Stappen, “The Princess and the Piper” arranged by Harald Weinkum, “Don´t Stop Believin’ ” arranged by CPR

All songs composed by G. Stappen, except: 04 traditional, 07 Hewson/ Evans/ Clayton/ Mullen, 11 Harald Weinkum, 16 Cain/ Schon/Perry
Mixed by Stephan Kolber, Rainer Puschner & G. Stappen at GOSH Audio;
Mastered by Harald Pairits
Produced by Gajus Stappen for CELTICA Pipes Rock
Artwork: DeepBlue Design
Photos by Megan Curtis, Timothy Rice, Luca Valenta, Pat Hynes, Pamela Stephens, Chris Ozuna