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CD "Rising"

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CD Audio, 2010


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01 Rising (Prolog) 1:36

02 The Gathering 1:23

03 Itchy Fingers 2:26

04 Smoke on the Water/ Scotland the Brave/ No Awa to Bide Awa 3:57

05 Sandy´s New Chanter/ Clumsy Lover 3:30

06 Sleepy Maggie 4:01

07 La Boum 2:00

08 The Lion Sleeps Tonight 3:09

09 A. Renwick´s Ferret/ The Pumpkin´s Fancy 3:29

10 The Phoenix-Medley (Ode to Joy, Pippi Longstockings, 99 Red Balloon, Country Roads, Centerfold, Rocking all over the Word) 5:04

11 Gravel Walks 3:10

12 Thunderstruck/ It´s a long way to the top/ Highway to Hell 3:31

13 Orange and Blue 2:34

14 We Will Rock You/ I Love Rock ´n´ Roll  2:43

15 Atholl Highlanders 3:45

16 Suo Gan 3:31



CPR!/ musician:

John McLean Allan: Great Highland Bagpipe

Gwendolen Rowe: Great Highland Bagpipe

Gajus Stappen, L.o.t.S.: Guitars, Percussion

Harry Weinkum: Bass, Percussion

Nick “The Stick” Sartorius: Drums

Josy Svajda: Fire, Vocals, Percussion

G. Stappen: keyboards, percussion-programming

Josy Svajda: Vocals “Suo Gan”

Special guests: Pamela Stephens, Tenor Drums

Roy Cameron, Vocals “Rising”

Drums recorded by Dieter Libuda at Liblab Studio

John: Tracks 3, 4, 7, 9, 11, 12, 14, Gwendolen: 2, 5, 6, 8, 10, 13, 15, 16

John´s Bagpipe recorded by J. McLean Allan at The Green Room, Glendale/ L.A.

All other instruments recorded by G.Stappen at Solaris III/Vienna, The Green Room & The Queen Mary/ L.A., Hyne´s Home & Renaissance Villas/ Phoenix, DRURY INN/ Houston

Mixed by Dieter Libuda and G. Stappen, Mastered by Harald Pairits

Produced by Gajus Stappen